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Food Network Event at N9NE

This private Food Network event at N9NE Steakhouse produced and designed by Cynthia Lopell & Jackson Lowell of CL22 Productions featured glowing candle light and a vibrant color palette.

Cocktails and entertainment began at 7 pm with music provided by the Jennifer Perryman Trio, who's repertoire covered almost every genre of music including sensuous jazz both old and new.

Celebrity Chef Anne Burrell of the Food Network curated a special menu with her culinary staff for this private occasion. The famed chef has studied the culinary landscape and traditions of Italy and loves to serve up her “creative-authentic” Italian cuisine.

Guests enjoyed a fine dining experience at the closed restaurant which was cast in a neon purple glow, accentuating the Steakhouse's vibrant and modern setting. The combination of the dynamic atmosphere and exceptional cuisine would be an unforgettable dining experience.

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