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CL22 Productions Produced OIC's Annual "Stand for Kids" Gala

CL22 Productions imagined, designed and brought a life of its own to the Bohemian Renaissance Chic theme for the fancy of the Orthopaedic Institute for Children’s Annual Gala, “Stand for Kids” this June. The gala was held at The MacArthur, a historic deco period grand hotel previously known as The Park Plaza.

The décor inspiration was created to perform a magical transformation of a classical venue into a Bohemian Renaissance theme that engulfed guests in a 3D Technicolor voyage into the modern day “Boho Chic” with a whimsical Venetian Carnival slant. A sumptuous feast for the eyes created a spectacular backdrop to an evening of celebrating generosity and collaborative revelry for a cause.

The guests were engaged from the beginning through the careful calculation of navigating their involvement from the moment they arrived by immediately entrenching them in the design theme. As they stepped through the threshold, they were encompassed by a Marrakesh Marketplace filled with a vibrant environment of mesmerizing entertainment and activities! Grand Raj Tents in vivid hues housed a sumptuous array of themed accessories for guests to enhance their ensemble, becoming a part of the scene, from whimsical umbrellas and beaded masks, to fringed lace shawls and even patterned pocket squares for men, all benefiting the occasion of giving.

Roving gypsies garnering vibrant folk-inspired flowing skirts glided about to the sounds of Moroccan street music wafting throughout. A glamorous roving female peacock with a provocative plum spanning the rear became a photo-op on the go, along with a stilted flamingo escorted by a jester sidekick.

Eclectic lounges replaced standard banquet seating scattered throughout in a geometric pattern creating an interactive guest flow enhancing the gaiety of comradely. The lounges encompassed a classical resurgence with a bohemian edge of sensual patterns, a vibrant mix of world influences in a variety of textures from weathered leather to burnout velvets at the base.

A free-flowing style of whimsical fabrics in artistic offbeat designs for the accents, all with dynamic pops of color causing one to tarry in a moment of artistic bliss. Venetian Carnival meets Rock N Roll with a diversified mix of the hippie, nomad and gypsy lifestyles, and the adventures those bring.

All of this merriment was topped with celebrity talent. Sponsors and entertainment included Emcee Max Greenfield, Kathryn Gallagher, Toby Rand and the members from Band from TV (Greg Grunberg, Amanda Righetti, Bob Guiney, Jesse Spencer, Adrian Pasdar, Eddie Matos, Sarah Wayne Callies and Scott Grimes).

Paralympian Stephani Victor pulled on the heart and purse strings of the revelers to enlarge the gifts bestowed for the occasion. Topping it off by dancing under the night sky brought an explosive end to an all-encompassing journey through Boho Renaissance and the delights had by all.

Every year, the Othopaedic Institute for Children aims to raise $500,000 or more at the gala, and this year was nothing short of exceptional. Congratulations to the honorees of the evening, Humanitarian Awardee, Alyssa Milano and the California Community Foundation recognized for their philanthropic impact, and an extra congratulations to OIC, who will be breaking ground on the New Urgent Care Center/Downtown in the Fall!

Would you like to see what New Girl actor Max Greenfield had to say about the night? Click this link for more!

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