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LA Chamber of Commerce Inaugural Dinner

CL22 Productions brought the Los Angeles skyline to life as it framed the front of the ballroom for the 128th Annual LA Chamber of Commerce Inaugural Dinner; some buildings complete, strong, a driving force other buildings a work in progress of businesses coming together to support each effort: each level helping the other recognize the worth of all in the role they play. A cascading ceiling fell into place and each building block strives to find its station and make its mark on the success & commonwealth of our city.

The Skyline of a city, the building blocks of its evolution, the labor, passion, love & collaboration that goes into each layer; this striving for a community of cooperation takes a whole civilization.

The forming of a society where each person plays a part, each role is essential, from the smallest contribution to the biggest… each is measured according to ones means. And many that have had the least to give, have given the greatest. Their generosity of spirit shall live in the foundation laid, in the hope that from the greatest to the smallest in the social order, each shall embrace the efforts of all: that we shall come together as a community and recognize that all played a part in advancing & fostering our city.

Event Design: CL22 Productions | Main Sponsor: Delta | Venue: JW Marriott at LA Live | Lighting: LightenUp Inc. | Set Construction: Brian Rayner | Photos: Maribel Farina Photography | Video Production & Run of Show: Jeff Atlas at Backhand Productions

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