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Super Saturday Night In New York City

As previously seen on Bizbash, this Super Saturday Night Super Bowl Event produced and designed by Cynthia Lopell & Jackson Lowell of CL22 Productions was an incredible celebration of New York City.

"The decor for the Saturday-night party was inspired by the gritty beginnings of New York City - with dance platforms made of thick wood beams and scrap metal - mixed with today's glamour, evoked by gold chandeliers and fabrics of sequin, fir, and leather. Combining fashion with the city's icons, models wore costumes made from The New York Times newsprint as well as custom creations that paid homage to the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, and other New York landmarks." - Bizbash

Guests in attendance of this magnificent event were taken on a journey through New York as CL22 Productions transformed this 88,000 square foot space on the shores of the Hudson River into an unforgettable experience.

A multi-tiered platform in the center of the floor displayed mannequins dressed in custom pieces designed by CL22 Productions' Jackson Lowell and added intrigue to the lavish evening. A flowing full length gown comprised entirely of of New York Times papers represented both creative fashion and the iconic publication. Also included were designs that represented Chinatown, the Metropolitan Museum, and Tiffany's.

Much like the city itself, this Super Saturday Night event incorporated a number of textures to appeal to all of the senses. Crystal chandeliers hanging throughout the structure dazzled and delighted guests as they shimmered in the warm purple and red glow that was cast throughout the structure. From the candle-lit metal cocktail tables to the swanky lounge spaces decked out in plush ottomans and velvety couches, attendees experienced the clash of chic glamour and industrial beauty that makes the iconic city so beloved.

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