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Super Saturday Night Super Bowl Event

Guests were transported to a remote location and released at the entrance of a massive ribbed structure..a modern day mansion looming over 60' skyward for this Super Saturday Night Super Bowl Event designed and produced by CL22 Productions.

Once they stepped through the threshold, they were engulfed in intrigue and mystic that took them on a journey of eroticism and fantasies.

Guarding the entrance a masculine wall of chiseled men perched on towers, leather masks adorned their heads with an eruption of black feather plumes spraying out of the top. In the center of these protectors was a voluptuous matrix with mounds of fire red hair cascading along the contour of her physique.

Once permission was granted to enter, guests were encompassed into an opulent atmosphere of other worldly radiance with sparkling gold gilded chandeliers floating over an immense adult playground.

Sexy lounges scattered throughout with furnishings sculpted in a modern Gothic style represented a history of great affluence and lavish decor.

To quench their thirst, rhinestone studded bars were dispersed throughout the room with red mirrored tops where mixologists conjured up magic concoctions putting a spell on all who partook.

Sumptuous buffets draped in sequined raw silk and mounded with abundant morsels of tasty gems, a feast of delight for palate and soul; a hedonistic experience of taste.

To complete the guests' excursion, the revelers floated in a dreamlike glow while they pulsed to the thrust of the beat, freeing every inhibition while satisfying all fantasies of gratification before being returned to life as they knew it.

Event Design & Decor: CL22 Productions | Rentals: Town & Country Event Rentals, Cort Furniture, Classic Party Rentals | Costumes & Dancers: Carl Mack | Decor Build: Cosmos Neon Designs | Accommodations Arrangements: Fan Experience

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