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Steampunk Super Saturday Night Super Bowl Event

For this Super Saturday Night Super Bowl Event, CL22 Productions designed a stylish hip Night Club with baroque and Victorian retro edge. Rising in the middle of the club was an impressive tower looming over the guests and crowned with 360 degrees of digital marvel. Four runways flowed from this center in each direction housing decadent lounge salons snuggled in the crooks, filled with Victorian high back love seats, plush sofas, a regal canopy and Louie chairs.

Cantilevered over each salon was a far reaching extension of the center wonder and clustered on its end were opulent chandeliers of sparkling crystal, copper, milk glass and gold patina dripping sensually over each lounging room. Looking up from a plush love seat, guests could watch lovely ladies gliding above their heads on runways as they were liberated to the beat of the tunes.

Flanking both sides of the club were long structural cabanas creating cozy coves to relax in. Sleek furnishings abode in a titanium-tufted leather with communal clusters of couches; chairs & ottomans that surrounded metro metal cocktail tables.

Backing this night club was a 60' grand bar with 5 Gothic style windows, the highest center window spiraled to 19' with dramatic leather octopus tentacles and reticulated window coverings wrapping each frame. Each window glowed warm golden hues as the illumination streamed from behind.

Between each series of windows were shelving units lined with glistening glassware and flickering candles. The front bar was connected with a series of raised portal windows lit in milk white plexiglass tops and faux finished in a blend of aged copper, bronze and titanium.

Scattered throughout the room were dance platforms each different and unique unto itself from giant cages to steam shooting out to haze swirling around the dancing figure.

The design of this nightclub combined styles ranging from Art Nouveau to Industrial Gothic to Victorian elegance to create a lavish cathedral nightclub, a space that needed to be experienced as well as seen. A blend of the past, present and future, this nightclub inspires the romance of such legendary nightspots as Ciros and Coconut Grove. An environment that would evoke a sense of adventure and discovery, a vast and whimsical creation that took guests out of the norm and into a world of fascination!

Design & Production: CL22 Productions | Rentals: Town and Country & Classic Party Rentals | Lighting: Lighten Up Inc | Catering: Aramark

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