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Bicycle Hotel & Casino Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

CL22 Productions planned a red carpet media event for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand reopening of the Bicycle Hotel & Casino in Bell Gardens. On the impressive circular porte cochere at the entrance to the Bicycle Hotel and Casino. The raised stage placed center, accented with a gold & crystal beaded arch that also frames the hotel entrance, in a style deserving of a Grand Ribbon Cutting.

The opening ceremony got a grand send off with a bold blast! A BMW motorcycle swept by with a handsome man in an Armani suit at the helm. Featured on the back is a gorgeous women laden in gold sequin accents and crowned with a flowing headpiece. One by one in a circular parade they swish by, wowing the crowd and making an impressive and bold statement of excitement, adventure and luxury lifestyle where everyone's a winner.

The first motorcycle returned and stopped at the front of the stage, the women step off, back to the audience and slowly turned raising their hands above their heads to reveals an oversized playing card with a gold encrusted letter B. One after another the deck unfolded to reveal the word BICYCLE with a royal flush.

As the motorcycles stayed in place to highlight the front of the stage, the women peeled away in a precision rhythm only to return on the stage as the backdrop for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

VIP guests were then invited to the celebration in the opulent Hotel Lobby. A perfect ending to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and the Grand Reveal of the Bicycle Hotel & Casino!

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