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IMAX Spectre Premier

CL22 Productions had the honor of designing and producing a unique premier event for the new James Bond Spectre film at the IMAX headquarters in Playa Vista.

An IMAX movie experience makes the audience feel like they are engulfed into a vivid adventure, as though they are an active part of the movie. Spectre's opening scene is a sumptuous feast for the eyes and will provide a spectacular backdrop to what costume designers and makeup artists believe will be the most visually exciting opening to a Bond ever. What better way to be engulfed in the experience, than to step right out of the screening and into a moment from the movie?

It is from this opening scene in Mexico City during the Dia De Los Muertos Holy Festival (Day of the Dead) that CL22 Productions drew the inspiration for this premier event. Where the rich environment brings together a culmination of unique and extravagant makeup, costumes and artifacts for a spiritual journey.

Adding a bit of a twist we made it a High End Couture Day of the Dead, by combining opulent black textures from sequin to crafted lace to etched metal accents, coupled with deep purples and emerald green velvet. Elegant models in couture gowns drift throughout, garnering full Day of the Dead makeup to reflect high fashion editorial style with jeweled plum, purple and scarlet, highlighted by a powder white base.

Crafting a mash-up of a James Bond Cocktail Party and a Day of the Dead Celebration in High Style!

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